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5 free streaky ink textures

I recently finished a project in which I needed to create a set of streaky ink textures. I enjoyed the process of making them so much that I decided to create five extra textures that I could give away for free, and ...Read More

12 free brush stroke Illustrator brushes

I recently found myself in need of some brush stroke brushes for Illustrator, only to find that there was a shortage of quality resources available online. Therefore, I decided to make a set of my own, which I'm now ...Read More

Creative Market: 6 months and $23,000 later

At the beginning of the year I posted an article on my blog in which I discussed the performance of my Creative Market shop during the first 9 months that it had been online. As promised, I've recently written a ...Read More

5 free vintage typographic logo templates

Use these 5 typographic logo templates to quickly and easily create your own vintage style logo designs in Illustrator. Each of the templates are fully customizable and were created using free to download fonts only, ...Read More

Making use of Art Brushes in Illustrator

Since I started working on Dealotto, I've spent a lot of time looking at design resources. Themes, fonts, actions, patterns, plug ins; all sorts of goods. During this time, I've noticed that there's a much ...Read More

The year I started selling my own products

As I mentioned in my review of 2013, I've always loved the idea of creating and selling my own products. Last year, having previously created some free design resources that went on to become quite popular, I ...Read More

2013 in retrospect

This time last year I wrote a short post about what I had planned for 2013 and spoke briefly about what I hoped to achieve. I thought now would be a good time to look back on it and reflect on what I've done during ...Read More

Tweaking the logo

I designed the logo for Sivioco back in 2010 and other than ironing out some issues with the 'S' in 2011, it's remained unchanged. This week, however, I decided it was time to make some tweaks.

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Sound in user experience design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works…and sounds. The web is home to thousands of sites dedicated to showcasing great design, but the majority of these are focused purely ...Read More

Inspiring typography from Typewolf

If you’re looking for a quick fix of typographic inspiration then boy, do I have a treat for you. It comes in the form of Typewolf.

Typewolf is a showcase of typographic inspiration that identifies the fonts ...Read More

The Science of Sleep

Recently I had the honour of making my first contribution to Silver Screen Society by designing a print for the movie, The Science of Sleep.

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Side project: Friends of Type

Friends of Type is the side project of designers Aaron Carambula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong and Jason Wong. The project is an ever growing archive of original typographic design and lettering primarily ...Read More